Hot dishes

  • Bread with olives
    (fluffy bread with olives made by pizza dough, olives and cheese)

  • Bruschetta
    (crunchy Bruschetta with oregano, oil, tomato and parmesan cheese)
  • Garlic bread
    (of pizza dough with garlic and cheese)

  • Saganaki cheese

  • Grilled halloumi

  • Feta cheese fried
    (with sesame and honey)

  • Feta cheese baked in clay with tomato
    (olive oil and hot pepper)

  • Cheese croquettes

  • Cheese pies

  • Spinach pie

  • Grilled vegetables accompanied with balsamic sauce

  • Fried zucchini balls

  • Fried tomato balls

  • French Fries

  • Grandma's potatoes,
    (potatoes with bacon, mushrooms, ham, pepper, sour cream and cheese)

  • Creamy mushrooms
    (cooked with garlic, cognac and sour cream)

  • Eggplant millefeuille
    (with cream of xinomyzithra cheese and basil pesto)

  • Shrimp saganaki
    (cooked with onions, three-colored peppers, garlic, tomato sauce, feta and hot)

  • Mussels steamed
    (cooked with wine and herbs)

  • Mussels saganaki
    (cooked with onions, three-colored peppers, garlic, tomato sauce, feta and hot)

  • Rustic sausage
    (with mustard sauce and potatoes)

  • Meatballs with fresh mint & potatoes

  • Squid fried with tartar sauce

  • Grilled octopus with olive oil and oregano

  • Greek combo of hot appetizers
    (for two people, with fried zucchini, fried eggplants, cheese pies, spinach pies, saganaki cheese, fried meatballs, fried zucchini balls, fried tomato balls, tzatziki)

  • Cold dishes

  • Tzatziki
    (Greek traditional tzatziki with yogurt, cucumber, garlic, carrot, olive oil)

  • Tyrokafteri

  • Potato salad

  • Homemade sauce with taramas

  • Homemade eggplant sauce

  • Garlic sauce

  • Hummus
    (chick peas, oil, garlic, tahini)

  • Fava of Santorini
    (accompanied with caramelized onions)

  • Dolmαdakia
    (accompanied with yoghurt)

  • Octopus salad

  • Marinated Anchovy

  • Combo of appetizers - For two people

  • Salads

  • Sea-food salad
    (salad with lettuce, carrot, tomato, shrimp, mussels, cuttlefish, squid, onion, lemon, with sauce by olive oil, olives, mustard, dijon and honey)

  • Cesar salad
    (salad with lettuce, rocket, parmesan cheese, chicken, corn, sun-dried tomato, croutons, baked bacon, Cesar sauce)

  • Salad AEOLI
    (salad with green apple, orange, anthotyro cheese, cabbage, lettuce, carrot and honey vinaigrette)

  • Summer salad
    (with lettuce, azimerk, green & red Lola vegetable, tomatoes, fresh mint and balsamic vinegar)

  • Balsamic salad
    (with lettuce, crust, raisins, pine nut, parmesan, rocket and balsamic vinegar)

  • Rocket salad Parmesan
    (cheese, salad with rocket, lettuce, sun-dried tomato, parmesan cheese and honey)

  • Italian Salad
    (with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, tuna, olives, egg and Italian sauce)

  • Greek Salad
    (salad with tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, feta cheese, oregano, olives)

  • Local Salad
    (with tomato, cucumber, capers, onion, lettuce, rocket, pepper, xynomyzithra cheese, oregano)

  • Salad with cucumber
    (tomato, pepper, onion)

  • Cycladic Salad
    (barley bread, chopped tomato, feta cheese, capers, olives, onion, oregano, olive oil)

  • Seasonal grasses

  • Beetroot
    (accompanied with garlic and yogurt)

  • Vegeterian Dishes

  • Mousaka
    (vegetarian with eggplants, zucchini, potatoes, peppers, onion, balsamel cream)

  • Baked eggplant
    (in the oven stuffed with onions, pepper, garlic, tomato sauce, various herbs)

  • Eggplant AEOLI
    (eggplant baked in clay stuffed with various cheeses, tomato sauce, sour cream)

  • Tomato stuffed
    (with rice, tomato, pepper, baked potatoes)

  • Baked potatoes

  • Vegetables baked
    (in the oven ,potatoes, eggplants, onions, zucchini, garlic, tomato, parsley)

  • Green beans
    (fresh green beans cooked with tomates and olive oil)

  • Today's special

  • Paros Revithada (chickpeas)

  • Children's menu

  • Fried chicken balls
    (fried potatoes, sauce, juice, ice cream)

  • Smile
    (bread, burgers, tomatoes, lettuce, fried fries, sauce, juice, ice cream)

  • Pasta

  • Napolitana
    (pasta with fresh tomato sauce, basil and cheese)

  • Bolognese
    (pasta with cheese, fresh tomato sauce, fresh minced meat)

  • Primavera
    (three colour peppers, onion, zuchinni, garlic, fresh tomato, feta chesse,oregano)

  • Carbonara
    (pasta with ham, bacon, sour cream, parmesan cheese)

  • Katsatora
    (pasta with ham, bacon, onion, mushrooms, tomato sauce)

  • Agrotiki
    (pasta with mushrooms, onion, pepper, zucchini, sour cream, tomato sauce)

  • Marinara
    (pasta with shrimp, mussels, squid, garlic, tomato sauce, tabasco)

  • Al’ Olio
    (pasta with garlic, hot pepper, parsley, olive oil)

  • Arabiata
    (pasta with fresh tomato sauce, garlic, hot pepper, sour cream)

  • Pasta with shrimp
    (shrimps, tomato sauce, sour cream, garlic, tabasco, parsley)

  • AEOLI Special
    (pasta baked with minced meat, ham, bacon, mushrooms, pepper, cheeses)

  • Lobster pasta
    (pasta with lobster, garlic, onion, basil, fresh tomato sauce, martini)

  • AEOLI Tortellini
    (tortellini with ham, bacon, mushrooms, sour cream)

  • Ringatoni 4 cheeses
    (edam cheese, gouda cheese, Roquefort , parmesan, sour cream)

  • Rigatoni with fresh salmon
    (spinach, cherry tomatoes, sauce)

  • Rigatoni Penne ala Vodka
    (tomato sauce, ham, bacon, onions, sour cream, vodka)

  • Linguini Di Polo
    (Linguini with chicken , sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, sour cream, tomato sauce)

  • Liguini Mafioso
    (Linguini with smoked salmon, fresh onion, dill, mushrooms, tomato sauce, sour cream, vodka)

  • Risotto

  • Risotto with mushrooms and black truffle oil

  • Risotto with shrimp and saffron

  • Risotto Aeoli
    (onion, peppers, bacon, mushrooms, corn)

  • Risotto with vegetables
    (zuchinni, eggplant, onion, mushrooms,colorful peppers)

  • Risotto seafood with squid, octopus, cuttlefish, shrimp, mussels

  • Risotto with chicken, sour cream and mushrooms

  • Handmade Pizza

  • Margarita
    (tomato sauce with basil, fresh tomato, special cheese mix)

  • Capriccioza
    (tomato sauce, ham, bacon, mushrooms, pepper, special cheese mix)

  • French
    (tomato sauce, ham, corn, chicken chunks, mushrooms, sour cream, special cheese mix)

  • Chicken
    (chicken, mushrooms, pepper, onion, a mixture of three cheeses, sauce)

  • Canadian
    (tomato sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, pepper, special cheese mix)

  • With tuna
    (sauce, tuna, onion, parsley, cheese mixture)

  • Cycladic
    (tomato sauce, olives, feta cheese, onion, eggplant, fresh tomato, a mixture of three cheeses)

  • Mama mia
    (tomato sauce, roquefort, parmesan cheese, edam, gouda)

  • Italian
    (tomato sauce with basil, mozzarella, fresh tomato)

  • Four seasons
    (tomato sauce, ham, bacon, salami, mushrooms, special cheese mix)

  • Parmesan
    (cream cheese, special cheese mix, parmesan cheese, fresh tomato, basil)

  • Diavola
    (tomato sauce, pepperoni, tampasco, hot pepper, special cheese mix)

  • Vegetarian
    (tomato sauce, green pepper, onion, olives, mushrooms, special cheese mix)

  • Greek
    (tomato sauce, onion, pepper, olives, mushrooms, feta cheese, oregano, special cheese mix)

  • Hawaii
    (tomato sauce, ham, pineapple, special cheese mix)

  • Pizza gyros
    (gyros pork or chicken, french fries, tomato sauce, onion, fresh tomato, special cheese mix (accompanied by tzatziki)

  • Seafood
    (shrimps, mussels, squid, tomato sauce, onion, garlic, special cheese mix)

  • Special Aeoli
    (tomato sauce with basil, salami, ham, mushrooms, bacon, pepper, fresh tomato, special cheese mix)

  • Order your own pizza with materials of your choice.

    Greek tastes

  • Beef in the clay
    (Traditional recipe with beef, red sauce, potatoes, cheese, olives, baked in clay)

  • Beef reddish
    (served with pasta or rice or potatoes)

  • Beef stew
    (beef with tomato sauce and onions)

  • Lamb kleftiko
    (Traditional Recipe with boneless lamb, potatoes, pea, cheese, baked in clay)

  • Lamb with lemon sauce
    (served with pasta or rice or potatoes)

  • Moussaka
    (potatoes, eggplants, minced meat, besamel cream)

  • Pasticcio
    (pasta, various cheeses, minced meat, besamel cream)

  • Soutzoukakia
    (Traditional Recipe with spicy red sauce with rice and potatoes)

  • Roasted chicken
    (with lemon sauce and potatoes )

  • AEOLI Dishes

  • Lamb breze
    (accompanied with plums & mashed potatoes)

  • Pork fillets
    (accompanied with rosemary, mustard-honey)

  • Chicken fillets
    (with thyme, lemon and mustard sauce)

  • Kid in the clay
    (accompanied with garlic, laurel, rosemary and baked potatoes)

  • Fish

  • Swordfish grill fillet
    (served with potatoes, rice)

  • Grilled swordfish souvlaki
    (served with potatoes, rice)

  • Squid fried
    (served with a tartar sauce)

  • Grilled squid
    (served with potatoes and salad)

  • Grilled squid stuffed
    (served with potatoes and salad)

  • Grill shrimps
    (served with potatoes or rice)

  • Fried sole(fish) fillet
    (served with potatoes, rice)

  • Combination fried fish
    (squid, shrimp, anchovy or whitebait)

  • Fish of the day
    (snapper or sea bream with steamed vegetables)

  • Tuna fillet
    (with grilled vegetables)

  • Fried Red mullets (portion)

  • Sargos, snapper, sea bream (per kilo)

  • Grilled sardines
    (served with salad and lettuce)

  • Fried whitebait

  • Grilled mackerel
    (served with lettuce salad and french fries)

  • Fried anchovy

  • Lobster (per kilo)

  • Cod (fish) with garlic sauce
    (served with potatoes)

  • Sun-dried Mackerel
    (sun-dried Mackerel with salad)

  • Grilled salmon
    (served with boiled vegetables)

  • Dish of grilled fish for two people
    (sea bream, squid, shrimp, boiled vegetables, tartar sauce)

  • Grilled sea bass
    (served with salad )

  • Meat

  • Lamb Ribs
    (served with potatoes & rice)

  • Chicken fillet
    (served with potatoes & rice)

  • Burger
    (served with potatoes & rice)

  • Stuffed burgers
    (served with ham, cheese, potatoes or rice)

  • Beef fillet
    (served with potatoes & rice)

  • Pork fillet
    (served with potatoes & rice)

  • Steak Milk Beef
    (served with potatoes & rice)

  • Pork gyros (portion)
    (served with pie, tzatziki, potatoes, tomato,onion)

  • Chicken gyros (portion)
    (served with pie, lettuce, potatoes, tomato, sauce)

  • Kebab
    (served with pie, tzatziki, potatoes, tomato, onion)

  • Combination meat IASON
    (chicken fillets, pork fillets, ribs, potatoes, sauce)

  • Combination meat AEOLI for two person
    (chicken fillet, pork fillets, ribs, burgers, sausage, french fries and tzatziki)

  • Mix souvlaki
    (souvlaki with three kinds of meat: pork, chicken, lamb)

  • Souvlaki (portion)

  • Pork souvlaki

  • Souvlaki beef fillet

  • Souvlaki chicken fillet

  • Souvlaki lamb

  • Fillets

  • Fillets of beef Madeira
    (beef fillet cooked with mushrooms and madera sauce)

  • Fillets of beef Piperato
    (beef fillet cooked with 4 kinds of peppers and sour cream)

  • Chicken fillet a la Cream
    (with cream and mushrooms)

  • Canadian Chicken fillet
    (with onion, three-colored peppers, mushrooms and madera sauce)

  • Chicken fillet
    (three-colored peppers, feta cheese, tomatoes and sour cream)

  • SCHNITZEL chicken
    (accompanied by potatoes and rice)

  • Fillet of pork a la cream with sour cream and mushrooms

  • Schnitzel Pork, accompanied with potatoes and rice

  • Schnitzel Vienna, with sour cream and mushrooms

  • Desserts


  • Baklava

  • Chocolate souffle

  • Tiramisu

  • Yogurt with honey and walnuts

  • Apple pie with ice cream

  • Cheese Cake

  • Ekmek kantaifi

  • Chocolate pie with ice cream

  • Ice- cream (various flavors)

  • Fruit salad with yoghurt

  • Dessert of the Day, ask us for the dessert of the day

  • Coffees

  • Hot coffee or decaffeinated or with milk or frappe

  • Cappuccino

  • Espresso

  • Freddo Espresso

  • Greek coffee

  • Irish coffee

  • Siroco Coffee (Bailey, filter coffee and cream)

  • Americano filter coffee

  • Hot chocolate

  • Tea

  • Milk-shake various flavors

  • Drinks

    Soft drinks

  • Orange juice

  • Amita Juice various flavors

  • Coca Cola 330 ml

  • Seven Up 330 ml

  • Ice tea 330 ml

  • Lemonita 330 ml

  • Tonic 330 ml

  • Perrier 330 ml

  • Soda 330 ml

  • Mineral water 1 lt

  • Water 0.5 lt

  • Sparkling water IOLI 1 lt

  • Beers

  • Amstel 500 ml

  • Heineken, Alpha, Fix, Myth 500 ml

  • Caiser 500ml

  • Amstel, Myth 330 ml

  • Corona 330 ml

  • Erdinger 330 ml

  • Beer barrel big glass

  • Beer barrel small glass

  • Alcohol

  • Martini White – Red

  • Campari

  • Vodka

  • Bacardi

  • Gin

  • Whiskey

  • Tequila

  • Metaxa 5 *

  • Ouzo glass


  • Tia Maria

  • Gran Marne

  • Greek Liqueur

  • Chios Mastiha

  • Amaretto

  • Sabuka

  • Tsipouro KARAFAKI

  • KARAFAKI Artemis double distillation

  • Souma glass

  • White wines

  • Asyrticos Santorini 750 ml

  • Moschofilero Mantineia 750 ml

  • Ktima Moraitis 750ml

  • Paros Moraitis 750ml

  • Moraitis Collection 750ml

  • Madeio Argyriou Chardonnay 750ml

  • Armyra Chardonnay Skouras 750ml

  • Mikros Vorias Rouvalis 750ml

  • Asprolithi Roditis Dry 750 ml

  • Four Seasons 750 ml

  • Adoli Gi Antonopoulos 750ml

  • Thalassitis Gaia 750 ml

  • Concert Chardonnay

  • Apelia 750ml

  • Moschato Limnos 500 ml

  • Retsina Kourtaki 750 ml

  • Malamatina Retsina 500 ml

  • Varelisio 500ml

  • A glass of wine

  • Sparkling wine

  • Champagne glass

  • Rosé wines

  • Ktima Moraitis 750ml

  • Melissomandra Kalliga 750ml

  • Kalliga 750ml

  • Mikros Vorias 750ml

  • 2 Roses Crenache Rouge & Syrah 750 ml

  • Amethyst Lazaridis 750 ml

  • Varelisio 500ml

  • A glass of wine

  • Glass of Sangria

  • Glass of semi sweet wine

  • Red wines

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Pelloponisiako 750 ml

  • Moraitis Collection 750ml

  • Paros 750 ml

  • Paros Reserve 750 ml

  • Mikros Vorias 750ml

  • Eroxos Argyriou mauroudi @ merlot 750ml

  • Skouras Cabernet 750ml

  • Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot

  • Kava Boutari 750 ml

  • Apelia 750ml

  • Mavrodaphne 750ml

  • Rapsani 750ml

  • Rubies Kalliga 750ml

  • Merlot Calligas 750ml

  • Varelisio 500ml

  • A glass of wine

  • Vinsanto glass

  • Cocktail

    Fruit Cocktail

    Tequila Sunrise

  • with tequila, orange juice and grenadine

  • Dry Martini

  • with gin and martini

  • Negroni

  • gin, with Campari, Martini rosso

  • Margarita lemon

  • with tequila, cointreau and lemon juice

  • Black Russian

  • with vodka and Kahlua

  • Μοjito

  • with rum, peppermint, black sugar, lime juice and soda